Cakes are special, every birthday, every celebration ends with

something sweet, a cake...

It’s all about creating those memorable moments.



No two journeys are the same, however when my husband and I discovered that we wanted to take the same journey WELL… it seemed like a match made in perfect foodie heaven! With David’s creative eye for detail and my background in events and passion for baking… BEAUTIFUL ORNATE PIECES was born!


We believe that cakes have always been at the centre of some of the world’s most memorable events such as, their 1st Birthday or perhaps that moment we all stand around to take pictures of the cutting of the Wedding cake!


Whatever the occasion, BOP has come to discover that at the heart of every amazing event is an amazing cake. Here at BOP HQ we ensure that our clients receive a piece which is unique, personalised and delicious.


Just as an artist’s sculpture stands out in a gallery, we see our cakes as Beautiful Ornate Pieces of art that will stand out at any EVENT!

So why wait? Get in touch and let’s get creating…

5 River Park Road

Workshed 7

Blue House Yard

N22 7TB Wood Green